These are the various departments we have at AGCI Ghana.

Sanctuary Choir

As the name goes, it’s the choir of All Grace Chapel Int’l which is a part of the music ministry of the Church with a vision of changing lives through Word based and Spirit inspired music.

Grace Expression

Is also part of the music ministry of the church. They are actually the Choreography team. They expresses the grace of God through their ministration.

Zion Praise

Is also another group under the music ministry of the church. They handle the playing of tambourines, a musical instrument.

Ushering Team

They are the Ushers of the Church responsible for all Ushering assignments.

Protocol Team

Lovers of Zion

They are the intercessory team of the Church, responsible for praying and interceding for the Church.

Technical/Media/Sound Team

Their work ranges from handling the sound system of the Church, photography and video and the general technical Support.

Temple Keepers

Responsible for getting the Chapel and its premises ready for all occasions.

Decor Team

Responsible for Stage designs and general decorations.

Manifest Epistle

They are Drama group of the Church. They are talented people who manifests the grace of God through Drama and various stage arts and performances.

Children Service

Yes this is what we do at the Children Service department in All Grace Chapel, giving our children the right foundation of God’s word to build their lives on as they advance in life.

We have these division of classes to meet the need of every year group of our children. Kingdom Class: This class caters for children from their very infancy to 8 years. Father’s Class: The year group here is from 9 to 13 years. Wisdom Class: This is the class responsible for teenagers, and the year group ranges from 13 to 17 years.

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